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When Was The Last Time?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

As I am rolling in the #lifegoal mode, I know that planning goals and taking steps have their place, but I can only go as far as my mind will take me. I am resistant to this because my grade teacher told me I could do anything I put my mind to. But then there are those defeating thoughts, the haunting spirit of fear or the fear of failing or succeeding, then losing it all. Then there is the anxiety of reaching my peak early in life or feeling stuck looking up 20 years from now just to be typing this same thing. Yeap, the stumbling blocks.

I realized I had set goals in my mind, and if my mind is in charge of leading the way, I am in trouble. If my thoughts are defeatist, fulfilling the vision gets delayed. The goals will remain due to the crazy theme park created in my head. So how do I change this? How can I take control?

The concept of love is what makes February so wonderful. It is the month of expressing love and the designated time the U.S. set up for other cultures to openly fall in love with Black History. It's Black History all year for me.✊🏽 This month not only reminds us of the power of love for others but also for ourselves. I am the most important person God has given to me. What a weird sentence, but very accurate. If, in fact, this is evident, why can't I remember the last time I took some inventory of my well-being?

When was the last time I checked on myself to see how I was feeling? To check what needed healing? To inspect what needed fixing? How long was it that I assessed if I loved my career and if my brand, Be Your Own Kind, still brought me joy, and when have I explored something new? Have I checked my happiness lately to gauge its percentage to ensure I am purely joyful or just going through a routine? Have I evaluated my relationships to see if they are still impactful or if I am just as impactful in their lives? When was the last time I blew caution to the wind, did not care about responsibilities, and leaned on my child-like instincts? What was the last time I said "no" unapologetically or said "yes" confidently? What about that truth thermometer to test my authenticity to check the levels of conformity? When was the last time I checked on myself?

As I am typing this, I can't recall the last time. Funny, I see myself every day in the mirror and with myself all day, and there are no check-ins. Just how important am I to me?

This post may seem depressing, but it's enlightening because it came from a recent self-check-up. I cannot plan to be this phenomenal person to everyone but be a dick to myself. I must ensure I put myself on a pedestal and be confident in my abilities. I have to trust that God took his time with me and made me something special. I must ensure I'm aligned with God's purpose and tap into what I am here to do. I have to be my number fan, so I can share with someone else how to be that for themselves. Most importantly, I have to bask in being my own kind because I despise ever being a walking contradiction.

I thought I started this platform to help others, but through some counseling, God led me to create this platform to save my life, save me from me, rescue me from others' opinions, and live as I am intended, joyfully and fulfilling. God promised me an abundant life, and I want it all. I only get one shot at this life, so I must drink it all up. Although I am surrounded by many, the journey is still personal. Nothing can move forward without me welcoming it into my space.

There is only one of me. There is only one of you. We have the responsibility to protect, respect, and preserve our existence. We owe it to ourselves.

Don't Be Shy: What are your thoughts? Can you relate to the challenges of neglecting a self-check up? Do you have a designated time scheduled to conduct a self-check up? I would love for you to share. Connect with me for a 30-minute coffee chat, send me a chat on the website, or become a member of our Facebook Community.

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