Little Bit About Me


For most of my life, I was taxed with the burden of believing that I was a defect and life would be best lived if I attempted to be someone else. This feeling led me to live a boundary-less life filled with imitating the people I thought I should be like and in exchange allowing them to walk over me. 

This journey of self-discovery has caused a lot of bumps and bruises and has led to self-love and acceptance. I realized there is no greater person to be than myself!


With my platform, I plan to spread the word of living the life that is conducive to your personal goals and success.  Instead of trying to find a lane, I learned it's best to create your own. 

I learned to bask in the fact I am in a loving marriage with my best friend while concurrently having the luxury of a strong support system of family and friends.


What do I do? I am a blogger, vlogger, video editor, and whatever else Pinterest and Youtube tempt me to be.


While you are visiting this site, I hope that you leave here inspired. After checking the BYOK Podcast you may be impressed to be a guest to share your story. Or reading my blog posts may lead to some insightful conversation in the comments. While viewing my latest Youtube video, you may feel inclined to subscribe or offer a topic or an idea. 

Thank you for visiting my Platform. Don't forget to Be Your Own Kind!