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Gemini and the City

So far, this Gemini season owes me nothing. For those who don’t know, my sun zodiac sign is Gemini, and my birthday falls two days after the Gemini and Taurus cusp. Initially, I had no plans for this season, but my family and friends had other ideas.

My birthday celebrations kicked off at the restaurant Carnivale, hosted by one of my besties, Asha! After going back and forth for weeks, I finally let my guard down. I picked the place and she took care of everything else. I'm so happy I obliged because I had a wonderful time with these amazing ladies as we ate incredible food, took advantage of the brightness by taking millions of pictures and harassed the staff about the out of place Macaroni and Cheese on the menu. It's such a blessing to have people come out last minute to celebrate you, and I felt so honored and so blessed to be celebrated by them.

The Day After...

The next day, my family too, insisted on celebrating my birthday, and I'm so glad they did! My cousin treated me to lunch at Dixie Kitchen, where I devoured the best chicken wings I've had in ages, alongside some strong drinks that hit just right.

Later in the evening, it was dinner time with my mom, sister and nieces at Lalo's on Maxwell Street for some authentic Mexican cuisine. The food was delicious, but what really made the night special was seeing my nieces having the time of their lives.

The Next Week...

A week later, I treated my Gemini friend to dinner at The Soulfood Lounge. The food was bursting with flavor, but the bummer was they didn't serve alcohol. Still, Tynisha and I sipped on some yummy lemonade and cucumber water. It was way overdue catching up with her.

A Week Later...

In the midst of things, I am still unpacking at my new place. Despite the woes of unpacking, I’m elated to live around some great friends, including my sis-friend Story Martin. I feel like we’ve met up more times recently, but that’s what happens when you’re having fun.

Story called me maybe a week ago and invited me to some last-minute tickets to the rooftop cinema in Fulton Market to see Love Jones. She loves this movie, and on this day, I saw why. It was a pretty good movie, but I guess my friends watched it so much in college that I didn’t pay close attention to it. The moral of the movie is just to tell people how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it because playing games wastes too much time.

Back to the cinema, I love rooftops! Watching a movie while hearing Stormy recite every word was entertaining. What a great ambiance, and I encourage anyone looking for something to do to check it out. After the rooftop cinema, we headed over to 57th Street Beach to listen to some R&B music mixed by DJ Sean Mac hosted by Truth on the Beach. Boy oh boy, he was mixing the hits, and this will definitely be my go-to on Fridays. They have different themes for each night of the week, and it’s something to do for free with good vibes.

Four Days Later...

The following week, Stormy treated me to see Bad Boys: Ride or Die at the Harper Theater in Hyde Park. The staff was very nice, and the reclining heated seats were so comfortable. I loved the movie too, as it was filled with so much nostalgia from the previous movies! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence did their thing, which I already knew they would!

All in all, this has been an incredible couple of weeks, and what I imagined to be a laid-back Gemini season turned out to be anything but. Cheers to a new year!

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