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Showing Up, Despite...

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Transparently, the last three weeks have been rough. My paternal grandma died, got in a car accident, and more of life doing what it does…lifing. Usually, when something traumatic happens, I give myself the pep talk of "You got this." This pep talk is supposed to force me not to lay in bed all day and binge-watch something I've seen a million times. This time I told myself I would not allow "Frasier," "Scrubs," or "The Office" to babysit me.

Fast forwarding a week after my pep talk, the show "How I Met Your Mother" was hired as my babysitter, and my bed was the hot spot. I was still going through the motions of working and adulting, but that was about it. I feel death is around the corner when someone dies, like one of those animated robber cats in my childhood Saturday morning cartoons.

Yesterday was a Typical Day.

I woke up emotionally spent; however, I forgot I had scheduled a business consultant meeting with one of the most courageous people I know, my friend Meosha Thomas (she is totally worth googling, ya'll). I was trying to think of which excuse I could use not to go…but I gave in, showered, put on my clothes, and drove to the appointment.

It is an understatement to say I'm glad I did. Our appointment was at the black-owned art gallery, Gallery Guichard, in the Bronzeville Chicago area. OMG! The art, the ambiance, the people, and the music was a vibe. She kindly introduced me to some of her dope friends who are killing it in their field and we also met some wonderful people. There were no strangers there at all.

Amid Meosha's Impactful Advice.

I was surrounded by black excellence, insightful conversation, and oddly sampling beer. Now, I am a wine and Crown Royal person because I'm not too fond of the soapy aftertaste of beer.

There was a gorgeous and good-energy Moors Brewery Company rep named Volly who broke down the history of the Chicago-Black Owned brewery. The brewery's name dismantles the narrative of black history originating from slavery but instead as born leaders and innovators. During our impactful conversation, Volly handed me a beer sample. After sampling their "The Stroll's Unforgettable Brown Ale," I was expecting the soapy aftertaste, but I was surprised with its chocolate and nutty after tones. Later that evening, I grabbed a can of their "Session Ale" and later, I ran into one of the co-owners, Jamhal Johnson.

The Aftermath of Showing Up

Later that night, I was so full of life and light, the two things I felt void of. The funny thing is I did not do anything but show up. I came with the expectation to take literal notes but saw the value in absorbing the lesson instead of jotting it down. I came as I was, broken and empty, and left uplifted. This taught me that sometimes all you need to do is show up.

Sometimes, people push what they need to do back, waiting to have it all together or be at a certain status in life. But what if we just came as we were and let God do the rest? What if all he needs for us to do is flow? I followed my intuition and contacted a friend, and she gave me more that day than I thought I needed. Only flowing with God can do that. Only stepping outside of what you are feeling can do that. Here's to doing more things outside of myself!

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