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Wordfetti: The Red Table Talks of Open Mics

My high school best friend, Asha Ntim, has been an inspirational and esteemed writer for as long as I've known her. In college, I remember her dragging me to Open Mics, which helped me, over time, respect and become slightly enamored by Spoken Word. After some years, Asha resurrected her love of poetry by writing and reciting her poetry. This re-emergence on the scene led her to be featured at Wordfetti Open Mic hosted by the Typewriter Poet Kira Caillouet who is too a talented artists who takes you on a journey through her energetic oral recitation.

Wordfetti Open Mic is held at Bethany Union Church of Chicago, located in Chicago, IL, on the last Sundays of every month. Each month, different artists are featured and given the platform to share their work, share the inspiration beyond their pieces, and receive constructive criticism from the audience. The format of this Open Mic is excellent for upcoming Spoken Word Artists and seasoned Spoken Word Artists to receive feedback and practice new pieces.

At this Open Mic session, I had the honor of listening to great pieces from featured artists Asha Omega and, of course, my bestie, Asha Ntim, and more. Each piece was so fire; and after, hearing the inspiration behind the piece heightened the impact and relatedness that sparked meaningful conversations. What a vibe!❤️

Some of the Spoken Word Artists

Asha Ntim piece was about losing herself when becoming a wife and mother and her now learning to leave energy to pour into herself.

Asha Omega shared a piece from her album, "And So It Is," inspired by a recent breakup she was healing from. Please stream this body of work, you won't be disappointed.

The Typewriter Poet Kira Caillouet's piece was written to encourage a new artist.

I highly suggest this open mic for any music artist or spoken word artist looking for feedback and practice to perfect his or her craft and for those that love listening to dope spoken pieces and music.

Don't Be Shy? Have you attended the Wordfetti Open Mic or have an Open Mic recommendation for me? Leave it in the Comments.

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30 janv.
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Thank you for your continued support and love. I agree that Wordfetti is a beautiful platform for all lovers of the open mic scene to experience!

30 janv.
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