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The Dropout Seems a Little Inventing Anna"ish"

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

If faking it until you're found out was a girl group it would be Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes.

Both shows are about a young woman with dreams putting ten carts before the horses to make them come true. The only difference is Hulu has us on the edge of our seat because they know we would wait another week rather than google what happened. To be honest, I would only google this story to know the minor details as I can tell from the first three episodes things are not going to pan out.

When Dropping Out of College is Not Inspiring

When we think of Bill Gates and Elon Musk, we college students wonder if we could have spent the first years of our adulthood elsewhere. However, Elizabeth's story made me thank the heavens; I remained in college until I discovered what I wanted to do. Of course, we can go down the feminist route and say that she needed the bells and whistles to gain attention, but in this case, her mind was more than capable of changing the world.

Elizabeth's need to be respected superseded her need to save the world. Almost no one took her seriously. She was laughed at and ridiculed, which boxed out any genuine warmth in the future. She wanted to be a good person, but notoriety was shinier.

Unlike Delvey, Holmes Had More Than an Idea

Unlike Delvey, Holmes had staff, a location, and true investors for her company. Her business was established and she was not waiting on phantom wire transfers to get things started. Holmes bowed out of integrity when she decided to falsify her initial Demo for the investors. She then lied about certain contracts and the kicker she ran a trial on cancer patients knowing it was a moot point. In the third episode, Holmes' lies caught up with her and the board decided to vote her off the island. She had the choice to let it go and free herself before she quicksand to the bottom, but she decided she had some energy and roped her boyfriend, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani into this mess. He also had the big decision to walk away but it appears love triumphed over instinct. So, this my friends are where Hulu left us until this week's episode and I can already determine things are going to go further array.

My Two Cents

I don't know if I will write a second post for the other half of the series so just in case I don't here is my two cents.

Amanda Seyfried bodied this role. I am sure she has been in other roles, but my most memorable role was when she played Karen Smith in the movie "Mean Girls". Her role as Elizabeth Holmes is the polar opposite of Karen Smith but yet still kind of comical. At the start of "The Dropout" I felt bad for poor Elizabeth until they portrayed her preteniousness. She wanted to have fun and act her age but it was hard for her. Yet, the fun dance moments displayed her less perfect side which allowed me to root for her a bit.

The Dropout decided to go slightly in chronological order rather than back and forth between the past and present. I like it this way, I am not a fan of puzzles and sometimes I am annoyed to be given the task of putting the pieces together during my downtime. I am wondering how this unconventional relationship would be between Elizabeth and Sunny in the upcoming seasons and how far he would go for love. For Sunny, this is a love story but for Elizabeth, this was about her dream getting fulfilled by any means necessary.

I will continue watching to see how far the rabbit hole this venture will go, because, well, I have to finish what I started.

Don't Be Shy? Are You Watching "The Dropout"? What are your thoughts?

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