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Is Lil Nas X Trolling Christianity, now?

I can't understand why Lil Nas X continues to troll people. He is actually a very talented artist. His last album, Montero, surprised me with how good it was. I never would have believed that someone who took pictures of themselves as a pregnant man and stripped for Satan would not have to compensate for not being talent. I am wondering if he is not overcompensating for talent than what is it?

But despite his talent, he seems to be trying too hard to get attention. For example, he recently announced on Twitter that he was dedicating his new single to Jesus Christ.

For starters, I believe Lil Nas X religious standpoints stem from his Christian upbringing. Although I believe people have the liberty to be as creative as they please, it still feels like trolling to me. This is the same person who made the "Lucifer" shoes and has portrayed himself in a close relationship with Satan. I'm not saying people can't change their beliefs, but it seems like he's always trying to top himself with each album. Many people accused him of mocking Jesus, but he responded that he wasn't making fun of anything. He argued that Jesus has been used in art throughout history and that people should stop trying to control who can use religious imagery.

To make things even more confusing, he's now claiming that the music industry forced him to believe in Satan.

It's hard to take Lil Nas X seriously as an artist because he makes it so difficult. Ironically, he doesn't need to create these narratives because he already has a strong personal story. In his last album, he talked about not fitting in and wanting to prove people wrong. And he did just that with his song "Old Time Road," which went Diamond. He also publicly came out as gay, which must have been very difficult for him after battling with it for so long and having a Dad who's a Pastor. After dropping out of college, he focused on music full-time and spent most of his time perfecting his art. This dedication has made him the renowned artist he is today.

Some people might argue that he can do whatever he wants, but my issue with him is that he seems to be trying too hard to get attention. He should just be himself and let his music speak for itself. Why does he need to mock childbirth and religion to get attention when he's already a talented artist?

I could blame social media. However, this tactic is familiar as artists have used Jesus' crucifix for years. Social media does task these newer artists with holding people's attention. But what does this mean for the future of music? Will artists have to create mega controversy to get streams and chart, forever ? And how far will they have to go? Will the music industry ever return to it being about the music?

Artist left to right: Kanye West, Nas, Madonna

Could it be that these artists are forced to switch, or are they just doing what they want to do? Whatever the case may be, it's unsettling, all over the place and distracting for fans. It takes away from the music and prevents fans from getting to know the artist.

Don't Be Shy! What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think it's harmful for artists like Lil Nas X to portray these personas? Why or why not?

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