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Nah, Ya'll Tweakin over this Blood!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

In March, there was a lot of controversy about Lil Nas X's Nike Satan Shoes. Nike went to the extent of suing Lil Nas X for federal trademark infringement. The Satan Shoe controversy rose from the pentagram pendant and reference of Luke 10:18 detail. This scripture is a direct reference to Satan falling from heaven to earth. These hellbound shoes were making the people uncomfortable.

A company by the name MSCHF collaborated with Lil Nas X to create the devil shoes. To make sure the shoes got creepier MSCHF members donated blood that was later injected into the shoes. Out of the general public, 666 individuals purchased the shoes for $1,018 on the first day of their release. Meanwhile, others were offended and opposed the shoes. Lil Nas X responded to the horrid reactions; indicating he did not give a damn about the people's thoughts.

Very recently he sparked a bit of a damn when Tony Hawk released his blood infused skateboard. Lil Nas X. tweeted:

Lil Nas X raised the point that maybe the blood was not the issue and implied it had to do with something else. My guess would be the Satan theme…but I digress. According to an article in, Lil Nas X's comments referred to " the pro skater's differing identities, therefore, privileges in society, the former being a queer Black man and the latter a straight white man." Although he may have a point; I don't understand the blood theme from either of them.

People are outraged with the different privileges when it comes to demographics when in fact I am grossed out over the blood. We already know there are differences when it comes to race and sexuality, it's just weird this topic is now including bodily fluids. I am almost certain the blood is deterring me from the main idea of the situation. It all seems occultist to me. Blood symbolizes a spiritual life force and exhibits mortality and the ability to experience pain and death.

Surprisingly there is a meme going around "Nah he Tweakin" that sparked from a comment Lil Nas X placed on social media about Tony Hawk's blood-infused Skateboard. If you ask me, both of them are "tweakin". These types of products just make me wonder about future products. I would not be surprised to see urine-filled basketballs in the future.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Tony Hawk should have received the same outrage as Lil Nas X? Or are you as grossed out about these blood-themed items as much as I am?


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