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Did Nene Leakes Move On Too Soon?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

In February this year, it was rumored Lauren London was pregnant and social media went in an uproar. Although this rumor ended up being false, people condemned her for moving on after approximately two years after Nipsey Hustle's death. If people criticized Lauren for moving on after two years, then it is expected people would verbally crucify Nene Leakes for moving on after a mere three months of her husband's death.

I would first like to add that people grieve differently, and no one on the outside can dictate when a person should move on. People know when they are ready or even when they think they are ready to move on. I would normally suggest people mind their business, yet I will refrain from the hypocritical statement as I'm about to dig all in the alleged information pertaining to this situation.

Let's Get Into Some Context

Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in 2018. He then went into remission, and it later returned in June of this year. I could imagine Gregg's death was earth-shattering for her as they were married for nearly 14 years before divorcing in September 2011. In January 2013, the couple decided to give it another go, and they remained married until Gregg's death.

According to US Weekly, "NeNe's former costar Cynthia Bailey "made the introduction" between the reality star and her new man." The first public sign of the two knowing each other was an Instagram post of them together in October. It was a shocker to the public as in October she also commented to men hitting on her in the DM, "I’m just over here doing me right now, but hey!” she said. “I love reading the messages. They are inspiring to say the least. Thank you.”

Present-day, she is letting us know, that her late husband, gave his blessing for her to move on. According to Page Six, Nene remarked, "Gregg and I had a very tearful conversation before his passing. His words to me were ‘be happy, keep smiling and he who finds you has found a good one.” But did Nene get found before Gregg's passing?

The Speculations

According to the Youtube Channel, Kempire Nene was allegedly dating her new beau, fashion designer, Nyonisela Sioh, while Gregg was sick. This channel did not specifically state when the two started dating, but it was suggested the relationship formed before Greg's death.

Per gossip column, Tamara Tattles,

So for us people in the back, Mama Joyce is Nene's ex-costar Kandi Burruss' mother.

After some research, I did discover that Nene did list her beautiful home on September 22, 2021. She had to later cut the cost down by $300,000 to hopefully sell it. Per Tamera Tattles she needs the money, however, the other rumor is she wants to relocate to Miami to live closer to her new boo; and this explanation seems more logical to me.

Boy did NeNe upset the Internet on December 15, when she posted pictures from her birthday party!

The crowd went wild when they discovered, Nyonisela, standing next to her just shortly after the October cameo.

Nene's response to all the criticisms was, "I just wanna be happy...that's all."

My Two Cents

She deserves to be happy. No one knows the pain she endured to watch someone that was such a pivotal person in her life fade away. If anyone has watched a loved one die from cancer, it is the most defeating situation, as there is nothing you can do to stop your loved one from suffering. There have been instances when the dying counterpart has encouraged their partner to find a mate when they have deceased or mates that pick out the next spouse for their wife or husband.

Whatever the case, when she should start dating is not up to us. Just because she opened up to love again does not mean she miss Gregg any less. It does not dilute their experiences together nor how much she loved him. Big ups to Nene for pressing forward and attempting to move on. In life, we have to grab on to what makes us happy even if it is at the expense of other people's opinions.

Don't Be Shy. What are your thoughts about the situation? In your opinion, what is your ideal healing timeframe before moving on to a new relationship?


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