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The Pinnacle Detox

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

At the start of the year, we set resolutions to eliminate or abstain from things we may have indulged in the previous year. January, we go full; first, February, we are still at it, yet actions may decline; by March, it's like "resolution, who?." What is it about detoxification or abstinence that makes the heart grow weary? Is it because it forces us out of our comfort zone or becomes anxious from its absence? If we don't purge physically, mentally, or spiritually, toxicity remains in our system.


adjective: toxic

  1. 1. poisonous. "the dumping of toxic waste"

When viewing the definition above, we are reminded that anything toxic is poisonous. When we choose to eat poorly daily, we consume toxins. Our energy will be contaminated if we keep harmful and hateful individuals around us. When we start believing self-defeating thoughts, we are putting ourselves down. Therefore, scheduling a purging session is essential to eliminate people, places, and things that no longer serve us.

Decontaminating the Spirit

Although energy is transferred, setting boundaries is a way to protect that energy. Before setting boundaries, we must examine our triggers, allow ourselves to feel how we feel, and be patient with the healing process. There are so many articles about what healing looks like when in reality, this is not a "one size fits all" process, and it's probably the most personal journey we'll encounter. This process is purging the spirit and leaving room for us to leave room for lightness.

When in this process, resistance is present. Although the toxicity in our spirit is negatively affecting our lives, why the resistance? Could the tight hold on that pain elude to the feeling of that being all we have? Sometimes that pain has been the driving force in our decisions, part of our conversations, and familiar. The truth is that life is not always a pain, everyone is not toxic, but we'd never experience it if we stayed in a state of resistance.

Although letting go is not easy, it's essential. The more we let go of the poison, our perspective will have room to change. Our complaints will transition to gratitude, our loneliness will open up to a community, and our hearts will open up to the life we are designed to live.

Purging the Mind

Mindfulness allows the mind to be in the present. Sometimes, we miss the presence of either living in the past or being anxious about the future. Robbing ourselves from the present leaves us unsatisfied and keeps our appetite to achieve and our insatiable need to make the next milestone. If we never take the time to celebrate our achievements, then we are stuck with the connotation of never being enough.

The reach for feeling enough could stem from unhealed areas in our life that may cause us to evaluate our emotions. It may arise from not forgiving ourselves or others. It's cliché but confirmed that "forgiveness is to set you free." Although this is the case, why is forgiveness such an untravelled road? It could be because we don't want to forget or that you we are protecting ourselves from someone else hurting us in that identical way. Either way, it creates a bitterness that could inevitably isolate us from the world. Not forgiving self can lead to no longer trusting our intuition or decisions, which can prohibit growth. Forgiveness is about releasing mental toxins and creating a road to be open to new circles and opportunities.

Affirmations are not a cliché; they build a bridge to the perceived inevitable. When freeing space in your mind from self-defeated thoughts, you are building confidence. When we are confident in our abilities, we tend to move forward with or without a cheerleading squad. We are allowing ourselves the space to be free in who we are.

Cleansing the Body

Body detoxification is probably the most popular type of purging. Most people partake in intermittent fasting, smoothies, fresh juice, or abstaining from carbs or meat. While participating in said fasts is resetting the body to no longer crave unhealthy food. However, as with all detoxes, it will be uncomfortable, lead to shitty moods and make it hard to fight cravings you are trying to reverse.

I swear, while on the body detox, your mind is thinking about all your favorite foods, the tongue is presenting salty or sweet tastes, and your stomach is growling from not being as complete as possible. But, on the flip side, your body starts to dispel the toxins and parasites in your gut.

Over time, bloating has decreased, sleep has improved, and the body no longer craves fatty foods. Most times, we detox to start a weight loss journey, and if we continue to consume the right foods, our body will continue to rid of toxins. Therefore, most professionals would implore us to incorporate our favorite foods sporadically but refrain from returning to eating them daily.


We must remember that the mind, spirit, and body are connected. Detoxing one facet will, in turn, improve the other two aspects. No matter where you start, there will be a painful period. Please, be patient. Please run the course. It will be rewarding and beneficial in the end. Also, the honesty behind detoxing is that we most likely fall back into old habits or encounter new poisons. The beauty of this detoxing and healing is routine; each time the process completes, the result is lightness and renewal.

Don't Be Shy: What are your thoughts? Are you holding on to something that no longer serves you? Have any purging methods? If yes, please share. Connect with me for a 30-minute coffee chat, send me a chat on the website, or become a member of our Facebook Community.

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