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Reservoir of Strength

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

In the words of renowned rapper Nas, "Life I wonder...would it take it under?"

Honestly, doesn't it feel that way sometimes? Don't it seem like the walls are caving? That's the moment to begin to hold your breath, close your eyes, and wait for the walls to cave in entirely, only for a second to remember you have an ounce of strength to pull through. Now, this may sound dramatic, but this happens when we are in tight spots. It's either give up or keep fighting. That fight is when is what I call strength.

In the most metaphorical sense, the saying "kill or be killed " is the tug of mental war. Thousands of thoughts cross our minds that we must decide on the whim we will toss or entertain. Although our choices lie in thought, perspective, behavior, and anything about us, absolutely everything outside of us is uncontrollable. We cannot control the number of years our loved ones' life when the car breaks down, when the job conducts lay-offs, or when someone close to us shatters our hearts. However, whenever things get so tight and we are at our weakest, a small dose of strength pulls us through.

I've learned that strength comes from God during the years as it is not my own will but his. However, I believe he holds my reserve of strength by placing me around people who support me, wisdom to call on him in those tight times, and evidence of him rescuing me in the past.

I know it is cliché, but YOU ARE STRONGER than you think. So in this post, I want to encourage you and remind you of how courageous you are.

There is a Blessing in the Storm

The survival of former tight spots is evidence that you can make it out of your current storm. Although the rain is pouring and thunder is roaring, it seems like this will never end. I don't know how or even when the storm broke, BUT GOD. Sometimes, reflecting on his victories in our lives is our strength reserve.

God's Best Masterpieces are at Our Weakest

Second Corinthians 12:9 indicates, "My [God's] grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Those tight and trying moments are when we are less reluctant to control. When having no plan, then God can work out his plan. When we've failed with our goals, we relinquish control of the situation. We have disinvited him from our situation as long as we are busybodies and being baby bosses. When we reach that point of desperation, when the mind is tired and wants to be released, he can be in the midst. Some yield quickly and faithfully, but then some people are so connected to their wills that God has to break us down to let us know He Is and He Will.

Whether you are an easier yielder or a hard one, God does his best work when we lift up our hands to let go. When we acknowledge him and put all of our trust in his rescue, peace, comfort, or restoration, he will perform miraculous works in that situation.

Stay Ready

Please don't misconstrue this header as being paranoid and looking around the corner for disaster. However, if you are that person who easily yields, you seek him, whether it's sunshine or rain. You are in the process of building that reserve through all seasons. Because this is part of your daily journey, you are reminded of that reserve in times of trouble. You automatically look towards the hill and wait for your help. In the interim, you share that reserve with people who may feel depleted. Or remind them of how strong they are when they feel like they are at their weakest point.

Staying ready does not eliminate life from happening. Trials just hit differently when you stand on his word daily and build up enough reserve for yourself and others. This life is not all about us but also helping others and touching others looking for relief.

Conclusively, doing the work daily is a constant reminder of God's strength. But even in those times, you forget about your reserve; God is in the midst to help us power through. Storms are the building of character while granting the opportunity for us to witness to someone in the future to lend them strength.

Let's Chat! What are your thoughts about this? Can you think of those times you had to utilize your reservoir of strength?

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