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Dear October, I think I'll Skip the Scary Movies this Year

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

What in the hell happened to September? I enjoyed September 1st, looked up, and it was September 30th. I did, however, manage to legit check off some goals. This makes me feel happy because I am a professional starter but a weak finisher. Last month I was working on completing some tasks, and maybe that explains where my September went.

This month I will continue finishing off some vintage goals while looking for ways to continue enjoying the Autumn season. Every year I ponder dressing up for Halloween, yet my husband and I never have trick or treaters or attend a Halloween party. Our tradition is binging off junk food and watching scary movies. We spent our last Halloween watching every Paranormal Activity movie, and I was intrigued the entire time. As long as I was not watching demented clowns, I was ok. I can watch the after-life all day but keep those red noses away!

Fear is a funny thing. One person's fear can be another person's enjoyment. Some fears are illusions while others are realistic: such as running out of money and becoming homeless. Or the world ending soon or losing our loved ones to this indestructible COVID 19 and all its variances. Fear is real and has been more prevalent than ever since 2020. With this in mind, maybe this year I'll tune into some Disney Hocus Pocus type movies considering reality is scary enough.

What are your October goals or plans? I would love to get some ideas or just simply envy your plans…lol.

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