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New Year, Same You!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

It's something about the end of December that uproots all we all the things we did not do and discover what needs improvement. Not only are these ideas overwhelming we are met with such urgency for a change to be implemented on the first or second day of January. The fancy word "resolution" is thrown out of there…but that word always seemed fishy to me as the prefix "re" is indicative of starting something over again while "solution" is defined as "solving a problem. When combined, it boils down to us repetitively solving a problem.

The issue with setting a resolution is that we may attempt to solve a problem where no problem exists. And if a problem is present, making a declaration for solving it and then leaving it up to chance will less likely solve the problem. So, as with any declaration, there has to be some planning and accountability to maintain traction.

I am in no way putting down the resolution tradition; I am just worried about the anxiety and the overall stress that "getting it right" causes us. I get concerned about the metaphorical clock to fix it all before the following year. I am alarmed by others feeling unaccomplished at the end of the year if said things still need to be completed. This saying, "New Year, New Me," grinds my gears because it promotes the message that something is wrong with how you and your life are in the present.

The new year is about anticipating new opportunities, lessons, and experiences that will be added to your life. You are fantastic; by the end of the year, you will be a more evolved and fantastically you. Plus, the mere thought of creating a new me every 365 days is daunting because who wants to start over every year?

For instance, I set the resolution to lose weight in the last ten years. Although I may have lost 5-10 pounds throughout the year, because I was nowhere near my goal those last Decembers, I would become so depressed by the thought of having to start all over again. So, although my doctor is counting on me to continue to lose weight, this journey is a continuation, not a new one.

If we were intended to start over every year, what would be the point of birthdays? Birthdays are not only a count of how old you are (as our body parts will be a constant reminder), but they are an additional chapter to life. All of the previous year's experiences are recorded, and we are turning a page and adding more stories to our book when our birthdays occur. It would be fantastic if we could rip some life pages out, but those unfavorable and favorable pages make us…US.

In this post, I salute you for the person you are and the evolution of the person you will become by December 2023. Setting a plan is beneficial; however, it's not the end of the world if everything does not go as planned.

Don't Be Shy: What are your thoughts? Do you set Resolutions? Do you have any tips for accomplishing goals? Connect with me for a 30-minute coffee chat, send me a chat on the website, or become a member of our Facebook Community.

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