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Kelly Price Fake Missing Fiasco: When Love and Concern Take a Left Turn

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, my jaw dropped when I read the news of Kelly Price Missing. Her family stated they could not get in contact with her after being discharged from the hospital. Worried about her disappearance, her sister ordered a welfare check. After her sister realized she was not at home, Price was placed on the official Missing Person's List. So my curiosity asks, "if Price was not missing, why did it get this far?"

The Beginning

On July 29th, Price indicated she was diagnosed with COVID 19 and was quarantined but not hospitalized. She explained in a TMZ interview, her boyfriend called the ambulance when he discovered Price having a 103-degree fever and had difficulties breathing. She was later discharged and was sent home with oxygen, and home aides checked on her daily for four weeks.

She is not fully recovered and is also mourning the loss of her grandma. She indicated she left her house due to fans ringing her doorbells and harassing her. Back to my original question of "why did it get this far?" Kelly explained in the same interview that her sister reported her missing. She also said they were estranged before her COVID diagnosis and have not seen each other since their mother's funeral. She indicated that everyone in her family knew her location and she was disappointed that her quarantine transitioned to a missing person's case.

So, why did they report her missing in the first place?

On September 24, 2021, Price's sister, Shanrae Cheree, reported she was scared and needed to know that Price was safe. In her interview with DNC Truth, she poured out her heart expressing concern and fear that something happened to her sister. According to Yahoo News!, Her sister indicated that Price's boyfriend, Terrell Babers, barred the family from visiting her home and prompted the welfare check. Even when Price's legal representative, Monica Ewing, declared Price safe, her sister refused to accept the news.

What would lead a sister to allegedly lie about something like this?

I am using the word allegedly because I'm not trying to get sued, but if Price says she was not missing, I believe her.

Based on context clues, I would assume that Price's diagnosis might have appeared as a reconciliation opportunity for Shanrae. Price indicated, in the TMZ interview, the two of them have not spoken since their mother's funeral over a year ago. I could not locate why they fell out, but like most families, the death of a family matter uncovers untapped emotions.

Nevertheless, a year has passed, and Shanrae discovers her sister is sick and was concerned about her. The extra measure of the well-fare check and public announcements of Price fake missing was an exaggerated cry for help. I can only surmise two reasons for this:

  1. Her guilt from not talking to Price for over a year sunk in, and she wanted to get in contact with her sister for closure, just in case Price died.

  2. OR she was gravely concerned and desperate for her sister to know how much she loves her.

Either way, Shanrae was trying to get her sister's attention at the cost of worrying the hell out of all of her fans. People do some strange things when drowned in guilt and concern so, I would never place judgment on her. I will add that I hope they can reconcile in the long run.

Has your family member ever done something so far-fetched to get your attention? Please share in the comments below.

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