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Endurance Takes the Win

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Most of us heard or saw the story between the tortoise and the hare. The gist of that story is, "the race isn't given to the swift but to those who endure."

Race vs. Marathon

The word "race" is indicative of a competition that requires speed. The winner of the race is normally judged by speed; and rarely do you hear of endurance. However, if the winner how not created a routine to build stamina for that race, I would guess they might find the race to be difficult. In my opinion, a person may be the fastest, the smartest, or any other "est(s)" but could chance not completing the race if they cannot endure.

If I compared my life to a race, I would constantly attempt to be the fastest and the other "est(s)." Nothing is more stressful than comparing your timeline with someone else's. Races are short-lived, and I'm not interested in having life flash before my eyes.

When life's compared to a marathon you have the chance to learn, grow at your own pace. A marathon is supposed to be lengthy. Marathons are still not 100% laid back as it takes long endurance to finish one. People still train to enter a marathon to build stamina, and it takes effort and focus. Not to mention that marathons are endurance contests. But whether you are in the life of a race or marathon, endurance is key.

The Beauty of Finishing

The most successful people will always admit it took a lot of trials and errors to make the mark, but they kept focus and remained consistent. With any successful race or marathon, consistency is the key. It's that bounce-back game after getting knocked down that counts.

I wished I'd known that when I was younger because I was always last to EVERYTHING (might not be true but how I felt). I was the last on the block to ride my bike or the last person out of my friends to earn my Bachelor's degree. What I did not know at the time WHEN I finished wasn't important but THAT I finished.

There is nothing more gratifying than finishing something. Finishing is a confidence builder; it makes all the effort, tears, sleepless nights, and uncomfortableness worth it. If we fail to complete something, how will we ever reach that point of worthiness? Something about worthiness is no one can take away your experiences and sacrifices it took for you to finish.

In the comments, share a finished goal that took lots of endurance.

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