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Dancing in September

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Did you know Septem- is Latin for the number 7? Isn't it strange the ninth month of the year root word is the number 7? The number 7 symbolizes prosperity and happiness. This lucky number also represents completeness which illustrates closing a new chapter and starting a new one.

September is opening a new chapter as we are entering the Autumn season and waving farewell to Summer. With this transition, we are entering the more celebratory portion of the year. There are many Fall activities ranging from pumpkin everything to beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red everywhere.

This month kicks off with Labor Day as we enjoy a long 3-day weekend to celebrate; I guess not working? Halloween is about gorging on with sweet treats, scary movies, and enjoying the people's imitations of the trending events or celebrities of the year. Then later in the year, we celebrate family and togetherness on the famous day of indulgence. And of course, the year ends with a bang at Christmas as we enjoy the children tearing off wrapping paper and adults attempting to drink the debt away.

September is the start of reaping the fruits of our labor and celebrating the year out. Despite the current state the world is in, there is something we can find to celebrate. Concurrent with losses there have also been many gains and there is so much to be grateful for.

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