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Blueface and Chrisean: We Have a Problem

Blueface and Chrisean have been acting up on Beyonce's internet. If a soul tie were a relationship, it would be them. Whenever I see them on social media, she beats him, or he drags her by her hair. The people are split on who the toxic one is; to me, it is both of them. Although I am outside looking in, I will attempt to break down both sides to prove this theory.

Who is Chrisean Rock?

This was a legitimate question on my behalf, as I have never heard of this queen until a saw a picture of her highlighting her "Blueface" tooth.

According to Chrisean's Shaderoom interview, she grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and was the 11th sibling out of 12. She mentioned being homeless from the age of 9 to 18 while managing to become a track star during high school. Although she was a fast runner, she always dreamed of being an actress in the limelight. However, her home life was volatile as she grew up in a home that involved her father abusing her mother. She mentioned when she witnessed her dad choking her mom when she was 8. Unfortunately, Chrisean was exposed to her mom getting used by other men, which led to her mom's drug addiction.

At 18, Chrisean moved out of Baltimore to California to pursue her athletic career. She indicated her move was a faith launch, and she depended on God to make a way. Chrisean has a strong spiritual side and had commented on Jesus being her best friend and paving the way for her. Before approaching her newfound fame, she won $10,000 from an Ulitmate tag game.

Shortly after moving to California, she became a contestant on Blueface's Bad Girls Club. While in the cast of this show, she lost her tooth when getting into a physical altercation with Blueface's baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis. No, Jaidyn did not knock her tooth out, but Chrisean hit her mouth on a surface, and the tooth came out. She also was the first artist to be signed by Blueface.

Who is Blueface?

Apparently, I have been living under a rock. I had never heard of Blueface before seeing his picture engraved on Chrisean's tooth. I had to google to find out that he is an entertainer.

As I was looking him up, it dawned on me that he was the rapper that kicked his sister and mom out of his house. Aha! I wasn't under a rock after all.

Although Blueface was born and lived in his early childhood in Los Angeles, California, his parent's split forced him to live in between homes for most of his childhood. His mother was an aspiring actress and would take Blueface with her to auditions. Ironically, he landed a role in a McDonald's commercial and admitted he did not like acting. He attended numerous schools but eventually landed in Oakland and became the star quarterback in high school.

Because he constantly moved around, he did not have a solid set of friends. He claimed to be anti-social and was not interested in building friendships. Blueface was a phenomenal football player and attempted for a football scholarship by submitting tapes of his games. After graduating high school, he earned a scholarship but later left college after his football career went left. He returned to California in hopes of continuing playing football but later ended up as a barber, selling drugs and getting affiliated with the School Yard Crips.

He later started an Instagram page entitled the Fade room with a myriad of eye-catching content. In 2017, he and his on-and-off girlfriend from high school Jaidyn Alexis had a child. He later decided to take a chance on a rapping career after sitting in the studio with his friend T.C. He put himself more out in the limelight to create a name for himself and caught his big break when releasing his song, "Deadlocks ."To get his name buzzing, he went to Instagram, inquiring high schoolers to vote on which school he should perform. This strategy popularized his brand, and he dropped his first album, "Famous Cryp", which had his biggest hit to date, " Thotiana". And the rest was history.

Blueface and Chrisean Relationship Red Flags

Now I could go through all the highlights of the relationship, but I don't think my fingers could handle it. So I wanted to highlight some of the red flags in this relationship.

1. Chrisean punching Blueface

Because we have no idea what happens behind closed doors, this is the first public red flag as we have no idea what happens behind closed doors. The story goes that Blueface and his manager, Wack 100 were telling Chrisean that he broke her contract. She begged not to be dropped by the label, and somehow that pleading morphed into a rage, and she punched Blueface in the face. Then, she reportedly hit him again in a bar for not allowing her to see his phone. This second time landed her a misdemeanor.

2. Tooth Debacle

According to Complex, on 7/2/22, Blueface indicated Chrisean was not unreliable, and he wanted to separate from her. He says she comes in the house at odd times, disturbing his neighbors. In addition, he says she failed to take care of the dogs when he was out of town. Chrisean's rebuttal was Blueface was lying about her and that he could not stand the fact that she was attractive.

This attraction rebuttal led to Blueface admitting that Chrisean thinks she is something since she got a tooth. Chrisean later removed her tooth to appease him and shocked the world with her new tooth adorned with Blueface's photo.

3. Public Fights

Over the summer, we have viewed both of them publicly tearing each other apart from him pulling out her hair or dragging her down the street. After the fight, they make light of the situation, and the saga continues the following week. Their arguments are about Chrisean implying Blueface is cheating or Blueface retaliation against the accusations. The public has named them the modern-day Ike and Tina, which concerns me.

When the public begs them to break up, they make a statement on TMZ pinky promising not to fight anymore. I don't know if this applies to only publicly fighting or if the physical fighting will stop altogether. For both of their sakes, I hope so.

My Two Cents

Their unstable childhoods are what keep them bonded. This behavior is normal for them, especially Chrisean, since she grew up watching her mother get consistently abused. Because Blueface constantly moved around, he missed the chance to develop healthy social skills. He did not need to care about nurturing relationships because he knew he would not be in said school or neighborhood for long. He has admitted to not letting people in, and he seems to always fall short in his attempt to be stable with Jaidyn and Chrisean.

This relationship will always be chaotic if the two don't heal. Their athletic backgrounds prove them to be competitive, yet this competitive trait plays out in a toxic manner. This competitiveness is the catalyst for the majority of their fights. Chrisean is competing to be Blueface only love, while Blueface consistently disapproves of any love he has for her. He downplays their relationship by stating, "it's not a relationship," even when you can see there are feelings there. Chrisean unhealthy attachment to him is confirmation that she has found safety and coziness while being with him. She has no idea what consistently looks like, so she has created a warped version of a loving relationship in her head.

Chrisean and Blurface are both young, so they have the energy for all this; I hope they start to take their mental health and how they treat each other more seriously before something indelible occurs.

Don't Be Shy: What are your thoughts about their relationship?


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